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How to Remove Tape In Hair Extensions – The Ultimate Guide

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There will come a time when you will need to remove your tape hair extensions. While there are countless ways to remove them, we’ve compiled a simple list of ways to get them removed.

How to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions

  1. The safest and most effective method is to seek professional assistance from a licensed salon professional.
  2. Oil-based removers for tape in hair extension can be obtained from coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil or any other similar oil. This method usually requires the user to layer the oil on top of the tag and allow time (sometimes from the temperature of the scalp or heat from outside – such as a hair dryer) for the oil to seep between the tags and loosen the tape’s adhesion. Additional oil can be used after the peel has begun to aid the peeling process.
  3. Conditioner can be used in the same way as oil to help remove the tape in hair extensions. This process requires more time and patience than the oil. In many cases, massaging the tag area can help loosen the stickiness and allow the conditioner to penetrate between the tape tags.
  4. Alcohol-based removers are typically in liquid spray form. These removers are sprayed directly on top of the tape in hair extensions. Allow time for the alcohol-based remover to penetrate between the tape tabs and gently peel them away. When the corners are lifted, use additional spray to aid in the removal process. Some users find that a simple mixture of household alcohol (rubbing alcohol) water and a few drops of essential oil is the perfect combination for gentle removal. The essential oils add a pleasant scent to the removal process.
  5. The combination method can be very useful. Begin by applying one essential oil to the tape label and massaging it into each label. Then, while in the shower, apply a generous amount of conditioner directly to the tape label of the tape in hair extensions and massage it freely and gently into each label. When leaving the shower, spray your alcohol-based remover on top of the tape tags and gently peel off, reapplying spray or oil as needed to aid in the removal process.
  6. Use adhesive remover specially made for tape in hair extensions

How To Remove Tape Hair Extensions At Home

We wouldn’t normally recommend removing your hair extensions at home; lockdowns have completely changed our hair regime and no matter how much we love our technicians, we can’t continue to make appointments Although we hope the current Covid-19 Lockdown will soon be over and life will return to normal, we understand that clients may want to remove their extensions to prevent them from looking unattractive and growing out.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to remove hair extensions at home until you can have your professional hair extension technician re-attach them for you.

  1. To safely remove hair extensions at home, you will need the following tools: a pintail comb, 1-2 bobby pins to hold excess hair back, a robe or towel to protect your clothing.
  2. Start by separating your hair into the back section and the sides. We always recommend starting with the back of the head, which is the bottom area of the back of the head. Separate and part the bottom row of tape extensions, preferably removing the extensions row by row. Pin the remaining hair to one side so you can clearly see where each hair extension is located.
  3. Once you have the first line, start spraying each tape label. You can be very generous with the amount of Tape In Bond Remover Spray you use. This spray is a solution specifically formulated for our Tape In Hair to lubricate the tape label and separate it from your hair. Gently massage the solution between the tape tags until you feel the tags come off your hair.
  4. The top tab of the tape sandwich should come off first, at which point it may be necessary to spray more spray on the remaining tabs to loosen them from the hair. If necessary, place the end of the comb into the top of the tape sandwich to prize the tape apart to allow more spray space between the tape sandwich.
  5. Once both sides of the tape sandwich have been removed, you may notice remaining tape residue and a tuft of hair caught on the tape. This is completely normal. We naturally shed about 150 hairs per day. When wearing hair extensions, these hairs cannot fall out (into the plug hole or comb). Therefore, it is important to comb these hairs out of the way to avoid tangles when maintaining/removing the appointment.
  6. At this stage, you will need to spray a removal solution on your own hair in order to slip the excess tape out of your hair. Use your fingers or the end of a comb to push the hair mass apart. Once the hair is separated, you can gently comb through your hair in order to remove the excess.
  7. Please note – if you are having a hard time prying and combing your hair, go ahead and use the solution. You may also want to soak your hair with our conditioner to moisturize your hair and make it easier to comb through any remaining tape.

If you plan to reapply, we recommend using bobby pins to hold all your hair together. Shampoo and condition thoroughly, then air dry and place directly in a safe place.

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