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Everything You Need to Know About Tape Hair Extensions

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Tape hair extensions are an affordable way to add length and thickness to thinning hair. They come in different styles and colors, so there’s something for everyone.

Tape hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions on the market because they are very quick and easy to apply, light weight and almost invisible as they lay flat on the head. The great thing about tape extensions is that because they are the lightest and least disruptive type of permanent hair extensions, this means they are suitable for all hair types, from very fine hair to thick hair.
At INCHHAIR we have a large range of tape extensions in a variety of colors and lengths and in today’s blog we will explain how tape is applied, removed and reapplied. We’ll also explain the pros and cons of this extension type, including an in-depth look at how they should be maintained.

Have you already bought your duct tape? Then read our guide to caring for tape extensions to learn about common mistakes when applying or removing them and how to avoid them.

What are Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape is a permanent hair extension that consists of a 4 cm wide weft of hair with an adhesive tab at the top that secures it to the hair. The adhesive used for duct tape extensions is a mild medical glue, the same adhesive used for plasters and other medical forms.

The sticky part of the tape is covered by a paper sheet that can be easily peeled off when you are ready to use it, and the adhesive tab can be removed and reapplied each time you use it, making this method not only super quick and easy, but also cost effective. Tape extensions come in a variety of lengths and colors, and they can also be cut into smaller pieces for a subtle highlighting effect.

How to apply Tape in Extensions

The tape is attached to your hair with two wefts clamped together with your own hair in the middle. It is recommended that the width of the piece of hair sandwiched between the tapes be slightly smaller so that stray hair does not hang out of the label. The hair in between the tape should also be the same thickness as the tape itself to ensure that the hair can hold the weight of the extensions.

Applying any permanent hair extensions to too little hair can cause damage and pulling of the hair, and it is always recommended to mimic the weight of the weft/strand you are using. The placement of the extensions will depend entirely on the look you are trying to achieve and will be determined by your stylist, brickwork patterns are often preferred for a natural effect.

How to remove Tape in Hair Extensions

At INCHHAIR, we have a mild oil based citrus tape hair remover that loosens the tape and removes it easily. Many removers are alcohol based and can have a strong acetone smell, which is not very pleasant and can irritate your scalp. We recommend using an oil-based remover as they are much kinder to the skin and hair.

To remove the tape with the remover solution, spray the top of the label liberally a few times and leave it on for 30 seconds, then you should feel the label start to loosen. Gently pull the tape away from your hair. If the tape is stubborn and feels very strong, you can carefully separate the tag with the end of a pintail brush. Once you have removed one side of the sandwich, repaint and repeat the section below.

How do you reuse Tape in Hair Extensions

To re-tape hair extensions, you will first need to remove the old sticky tabs from the weft. Most will come off during the removal process, but some residue may stick around and you will need to remove it before re-taping. To remove any residue, apply a little more spray and use your fingernail to peel the remaining adhesive off the label. This should be an easy peel, and if the residue is stubborn, we have found that running the tabs under water can help. Once you have removed all previous adhesives and you now need to wash and dry the hair, we recommend using a powerful conditioning mask on the hair after any removal service to rehydrate the extensions.

Once the hair is clean, dry and smooth, you can start reapplying the extensions, for which you will need a new pack of adhesive tape labels. At INCHHAIR, we have a pack of spare tape tabs of the right size to reapply to hair extensions. Simply remove one label from the plastic sheet and apply it to the sticky side where it was before removing the residue. Leave the paper seal intact until you are ready to apply the tape again. The tabs are double-sided, so you don’t need to apply them twice; one side will stick to the hair extension weft and the other side will stick to the hair.

How long do Tape in Hair Extensions last

All taped hair extensions should be removed and reattached after 6-8 weeks of wear, sometimes sooner depending on your hair growth cycle and the overall condition of your extensions. 8 weeks is the maximum amount of time you can go without repositioning your hair extensions. After 6-8 weeks of extensions, your own hair will begin to grow and the extensions will move with it, creating a larger gap between the tag and your scalp. At this stage, hair may start to become shiny and tangled as there is more room for hair to get stuck in the extensions, which is why it is important to remove them before wearing them for 8 weeks to prevent any damage to your own hair.

To keep your hair looking and feeling its best, it is highly recommended that you perform a maintenance check one week after application and every 4 weeks thereafter to check for any tangles/slippage.

How to care for Tape in Hair Extensions

There are many things you can do to keep your hair extensions well maintained and for as long as possible, and we have some great blogs that focus specifically on this issue here. The main 3 things to stick to are: first, using the right products is absolutely essential. Avoid any products that contain alcohol, oils or sulfates, these ingredients will not only dry out your hair extensions but weaken the bond between the extensions and the hair. Regularly separate any knots or pads that begin to form, this can be done by checking each band and between each row with your fingers to make sure no hair is caught in your neighbor’s extensions, and by combing your hair morning and night.

Finally, always use heat protection before styling your hair to prevent it from drying out or breaking. Hair extensions have been removed from their natural source of hydration, so they may dry out faster than our own hair. They need a lot of extra moisture and protection, so don’t skimp on the quality of the best hair extension products.

Advanatages of Tape Hair ExtensionsDisadvanatages of Tape Hair Extensions
Lightweight,No Hair DamageNot Ideal For Wearing Hair Up
Suitable For All Hair TypesCan be Tricky to Re-use
Quick & Easy Application

Now, while you’re on the subject of tape hair extensions, why not browse our collection at INCHHAIR, where we have a wide range of lengths and over 40 colors to choose from, and remember that you can also add a pop of color to your hair with tape hair extensions, use a lighter color for a gorgeous sun-kissed look, or if you want to be bold try a funky color to liven up your tresses .

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