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Curly Tape In Hair Extensions

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InchHair has launched Curly hair extensions, InchHair is the world’s leading supplier of professional tape in hair extensions. We are proud to announce our latest collection Curly Tape In Hair Extensions. We received so many requests for curly tape ins hair that we finally launched this collection for all the ladies with curly hair.Tape in hair extensions is the most needed extension these days and InchHair is the market leader in tape in hair extensions. Curly hair tape extensions are perfect for women who have curly hair and want a damage-free, semi-permanent method of hair extensions. Let’s be honest – curly hair extensions on their own are not as healthy and are very difficult to manage. Curly hair and individual micro-attachments are not compatible! That’s why curly hair extensions are the best hair extensions for women with curly hair! No more clips, no more messy individual extensions – now women with curly hair can enjoy the best type of hair extensions on the market – curly hair tape extensions.

InchHair Curl Tape Hair Extensions are pre-tied and ready to use, 14-30 inches in length, type has deep wavy curls、Kingky Curly、Loose Curly and can last through the wash.Curl Tape hair extensions last 10-12 weeks and can be reapplied 3-4 times with proper care. Each pack has 40 pieces, enough for a full head of hair extensions. Like all hair extensions, you will want to use a hair mask to condition and keep the extensions moisturized. Curly taped hair extensions will curl and blend easily with those who have curly hair. It is always recommended to use a curl spray to maintain the curl and integrity of your curly hair. You will be able to wear your hair up or down just like regular tape hair extensions.

Please remember that you want to make sure that you take care of your curly hair tape extensions because your own hair will grow out with the tape extensions. Curly hair extensions are very demanding, but many people don’t realize that they need maintenance Curly hair needs work, but it is worth the work. These virgin curly hair tape extensions can last over 1 year with the right hair type. To experience this new amazing way to get hair extensions – Contact Us

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