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Permanent Hair Extensions Complete Guide

Complete 101 Guide: Permanent Hair Extensions

Deciding to get permanent hair extensions is one of the most important hair decisions you will ever make. It takes time, patience and research to find an option that fits your lifestyle and budget. In this blog post, we’ve compiled all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether permanent hair extensions are right for you!

Hair Extensions 101

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a cosmetic product that can be applied to natural hair. It is used to add volume and length to hair, to help with damaged or thinning hair, and to repair poor hairstyles. Hair extensions come in many different forms, including: clip-in extensions, pre-bonded attachments, and fusion extensions.

What Are Permanent Hair Extensions?

Permanent hair extensions are attachments that can last for years if properly cared for. They provide the best quality and give your natural hair an instant boost in volume, length, color or all three These attachments come in four forms. These include, Tape In, Wefts, Fusion and I-Tip hair extensions. The process is a little more complicated than other hair extensions, but the benefits are worth it!

How Do Permanent Hair Extensions Work? 

For permanent hair extensions using adhesive, each tape weft is thin and imperceptibly weighted to layer tightly against the scalp, creating naturally thick hair throughout the head. Tape and skin weft hair extensions have a single pull weft, which means they are slightly thinner and suitable for blending finer hair types. They also give the ends of the hair an incredibly natural, tapered look.

Mini Micro Hair Extensions are made using silicon beads mounted on very small hair, the beads are flattened to connect each piece. Mini microbead hair extensions can only be installed in the salon and use very small beads to achieve an undetectable effect. Each weft is double pulled to create a thicker look and is great for anyone who likes a blunt cut in their hair.

Weft Hair Extensions can be installed by a professional stylist using miniature beads or secure stitching methods. Made from thick, double-density hair, weft extensions look full and attractive from root to tip – giving you the volume and length you’ve always dreamed of.

How Long Do Permanent Hair Extensions Last?

Permanent hair extensions require maintenance in the salon every four to six weeks. With regular maintenance and proper care, permanent hair extensions can be used for multiple installations. Mini microbead and weft hair extensions are suitable for medium to thick hair types. Tape and skin weft hair extensions offer one of the most seamless results and are ideal for women with fine hair.

Depending on the speed of your hair growth, you may need to change permanent hair extensions more frequently. If your hair grows quickly (lucky you!) , you may start to notice your “regrowth” compared to your hair extensions at the point. If you do notice significant hair growth, you’ll want to make an appointment to re-install as soon as possible to avoid matting, tangling, and stress on the new hair growth, which can lead to breakage. To be on the safe side, we recommend seeing your stylist every four to six weeks.

How To Care For Permanent Hair Extensions?

Because you want permanent hair extensions to blend in perfectly with your natural growth and hold up well during washing, styling and combing, you should always choose 100% human hair extensions. Synthetic hair is not naturally shiny and cannot handle heat styling, so it is not suitable for permanent installations.

With human hair extensions, it is important to take care of them as you would your own hair. This means using a proper home cleansing shampoo and deep conditioner to maintain moisture and shine. If you are not ready for new hair extensions, but feel your existing extensions need a little boost, scheduling an appointment at a salon for a professional maintenance shampoo and treatment is a good idea.

Types of Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions are also known as “weaves” or “bonding” and this will be your permanent option. This article compares each of the different types of permanent hair extensions. Included are, Tape In, Wefts, Fusion and I-Tip hair extensions.

Tape In Hair Extensions

These types are easy to apply because they are attached to your hair strand by strand. This is a good choice for people who want immediate length and volume without the permanence of fused or wefted extensions (also known as semi-permanent extensions).

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are made from a continuous row of fibers sewn together. Weft extensions can come in many different widths, lengths and colors to suit your requirements. They can be used as permanent or semi-permanent hair extensions.

Fusion Hair Extensions

This type is permanent and combines with natural hair strand by strand to give you length and volume. It provides a complete head of hair extensions without any additional add-ons later.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

These are semi-permanent as they need to be glued to your natural hair. They do not provide extra thickness but can provide you with the length and volume your hair needs. They are semi-permanent hair extensions.

What Is The Difference Between Tape In, Weft, Fusion & I-Tip Types Of Hair Extensions?

One of the most common questions our clients ask is, “What is the difference between tape, weft, fusion and I-tip hair types for hair extensions?” It can be difficult to know which style is best for your situation. Let’s break it down.

Fusion Hair Extensions – the latest technology on the market today! With this method, you get the longevity of fusion hair and the permanency of weft hair.
Weft Hair Extensions – This method is usually used for short to medium length hair and requires small pieces of hair extensions (wefts) to be sewn into your own natural hair by hand or machine.
Tape-in Hair Extensions – The most popular type, tape-in hair extensions are pre-made hair extensions that are attached to the hair with a special adhesive. Once implanted, they are secured or fused into your natural hair.
I Tip Hair Extensions – A combination of both. These hair extensions use weft and tips: one hair strand is sewn to the other in an “I” shape. The result is that if properly installed, you should have less shedding.

What Are The Benefits of Permanent Hair Extensions?

  • Permanent types of hair extensions look more natural than other types of extensions because they blend in with the existing hair strands, especially when applied by an experienced stylist.
  • Permanent types of hair extensions last longer than other types because they are attached to your natural hair strands.
  • They usually come in many different colors and allow you to try out new looks without having to cut any of your own hair.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Permanent Hair Extensions?

  • Depending on your hair type, you may want to choose a specific type of permanent hair extension.
  • You should also consider whether this style best suits your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle and plan to participate in sports after getting these extensions, it may be wise to choose something more durable than adhesive tape ins.
  • You should also consider how you want your hair extensions to look. For example, if you have thin, fine hair, then thicker permanent hair extensions may be best for you. If this is not the case, we would recommend that you opt for thinner tape ins hair extensions or weaves extensions instead!

What Are Some Things I Need To Know Before Getting Permanent Hair Extensions?

  • Permanent types of hair extensions are not for everyone. If you have a sensitive scalp, then think twice
  • You should consult with your stylist before deciding if permanent hair extensions are right for you and which type best suits your needs.

Consider Clip In Hair Extensions

  • If you’re not ready to commit, consider clip in hair extensions. This is a temporary solution that does not require permanent attachments and can be removed at any time with little hassle.
  • This type of hair extension is often used for those who want long hair but don’t want to make the invasive commitment required for more permanent options.
  • It can be used to achieve a new hairstyle or to extend your hair. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply and remove, making them perfect for trying out new styles.

How Long Do They Last?

Permanent hair extensions last between 6-18 months. However, how long they stay in place depends on a number of different factors.

  • The type and quality of hair extensions you choose
  • How often you wear them
  • The health of your hair and the level of natural oil production (the more oil your scalp produces to keep it moisturized, the better)

How To Choose The Right Type Of Semi Permanent Hair Extensions For You

Choosing the right type of hair extensions for you is the key to making them look natural. Consider all of these factors when deciding on the best type

  • Length and thickness
  • The condition of your own hair – for example, if you have fine or thin hair, then thicker extensions may be better suited to match their appearance .
  • We recommend having a hair extension consultation before making any decisions.

What is a consultation? A consultation is a meeting with your stylist where they discuss the process, what type of extensions are best for you, and how long it will take. This is also where they can provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have.

Semi Permanent Hair Extensions

Tape-in Hair Extensions – These extensions are by far the most popular because they are so convenient and easy to apply. They come in a variety of lengths, colors, thicknesses and styles.

Fusion Hair Extensions – the latest innovation in hair extension application! This is an adhesive system that holds hair together. This is a sticky system that allows single or multiple strands of hair to be glued to your natural hair strands without stitching or gluing.

Wefted Hair Extensions – usually recommended for short hair and require your natural hair to be cut to the desired length. Hair extensions are usually fitted into these sections with pins and threads, or braided in by hand. They are available in different lengths, colors, thicknesses and styles.

I-Tip Hair Extensions – These are hair extensions that combine the advantages of weft extensions and Tip hair extensions. They are made by securing one hair to another with an “I” shape, which means they should last longer than other types of hair because there will be less shedding when properly installed using microbeads.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price depends on which type of hair extensions are right for you and the salon you go to. For example, fused hair extensions are usually more expensive than taped hair extensions because they require an application process that can take up to two hours!

Consultations are always free and should be the first step in your decision making process before deciding if permanent hair extensions are right for you.

How Long Does It Take?

The time it takes to install permanent hair extensions varies from stylist to stylist. It can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour in the salon, but most people find the wait to be worth it.

You may also need some time for your scalp to get used to what’s on it, as many people experience irritation at first.

How Will My Hair React?

Many people experience dry scalp, hair breakage and split ends due to permanent hair extensions. This is because it changes the way your own hair naturally grows and may change the way you look.

If you have thin or fine hair and are concerned about this happening to your hair, then consider using wefted hair extensions that do not require cutting your natural hair.

How Can I Make Them Look As Good As Possible?

  • When washing, use a mild shampoo that will not strip the oils from your scalp.
  • After installing hair extensions, once you start styling again, don’t wash too often as this will dry out the natural oil production on your head and cause your hair to look dull.
  • Use a deep conditioner at least twice a week to add shine and freshness.

Maintenance And Care Of Your Hair Extensions

  • With proper care, your hair extensions can last from 6 to 18 months.
  • You should be gentle with your hair extensions and wash them only when needed. If you do wash them, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  • When it’s time to remove your hair extensions, make sure you’re in the salon ready for your appointment! This may take up to three hours. This could be as much as three hours or more of work. You will want to be prepared to have someone cover the rest of your hair while the extensions are removed.

If you’re still unsure how to care for your extensions, check out some of these tips.

  • Use a hair dryer or curling iron on a low setting. Avoid using high heat, which will help keep your hair extensions healthy
  • Keep your extensions trimmed regularly so that they last a long time
  • You should not color your hair extensions. Leave this to your stylist, they can tell you about all the different colors available.
  • When it comes to styling your extensions, try not to use any heavy products or too much heat. Use a light hairspray instead of hairspray for extra shine.
  • Every four to eight weeks, you will need to get a touch-up to keep your extensions looking fresh.
  • You’ll also want to trim every few months so it’s easier for both you and your stylist.

What Are Some Other Things I Should Know About My New Hair?

Be patient! Your scalp needs time to adjust and because they are permanently attached, they may itch or feel uncomfortable for the first few weeks.

You should also avoid using heat on your hair extensions. If you’re going to do any kind of styling with curlers, irons, etc., then use them on the nearest section of hair-it’s not permanent! Doing so will help them last longer. Doing so will help them last longer.

Best Types Of Hair For Your Extensions

  • If you have thin or fine hair, it is best to use tape hair extensions to add length and volume.
  • For those with thicker hair, wefted hair extensions are the way to go. Fusion and I-Tips are other popular options.
  • If you are concerned about price, there are many affordable hair extensions to suit any taste and style.

What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin human hair is defined as hair that has never been chemically treated in any way, which makes it far superior to heavy metal hair. As for virgin hair, although it is more expensive than synthetic hair, it will last longer and look more natural. You should treat it as you would your own hair.
Virgin hair is hair that is completely unprocessed and intact. To be virgin hair, it must meet strict criteria including not permed, colored, dyed, bleached and chemically treated in any way. The hair will remain in its natural state and the cuticle is not damaged. Virgin hair is pure and it usually comes from young women so there is no gray hair or split ends. Donors of virgin hair must have long, healthy, full-bodied hair.

Virgin Human Hair is The Top Of The Line In Quality Hair.


  • Hair extensions are a quick and easy way to get instant length, volume or color
  • If you have thin or fine hair, hair extensions may be right for you. For those with thicker hair than weaves like fusions, they work best!
  • Permanent hair extensions can stay on your head for 4 to 18 months, depending on how well you take care of them.
  • If it’s been more than two months since your last trim, make another appointment Every four to eight weeks, get a trim to make sure they stay looking fresh.

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