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How to Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair

Clip-in hair extensions will become your favorite because they are the key to a quick, zero-damage transformation while your hair grows out.

Straighten your natural hair extensions before you start to match the texture of your hair when you start. This will help the clip-in hair blend in more easily with your hairstyle.

Before you Begin

  • Your Hair should be at least 3-4 inches long to make sure the clip-ins don’t show underneath it
  • Go for length and volume to mask short and blunt hair
  • Get color matched by one of our hair experts for perfect blending

How To Blend Extensions With Short Hair in 3 Steps.

Step 1: Put Your Hair Up, Leaving Only the Last Layer of Hair.

Before you clip the extensions, braid the bottom layer of hair and pin it up with a few bobby pins. Tip: You can quickly set up 2 mirrors, front and back, so you have a full view so you can part the hair correctly.

Step 2: Position The Wefts

Add a solid base to your hair by starting with the bottom 3 and 4 clip weft. Larger weft lines should be in line with your ears.

Use smaller weft lines to add volume to the sides of your head and make sure to cover them with the top layer of your natural hair.

Step 3: Brushing and Styling

Comb all the layers and blend the blunt head with the long hair by blending it with the hair extensions.

From here, you can opt for a clean straight cut for an everyday sleek look, or try curls for a more relaxed hairstyle.

InchHair Tips

  • Trim the layers of the hair extensions to give you a more natural look
  • Finish off the look with hair oil for a smooth look with no short ends sticking out
  • Consider tape-ins for a more permanent look.

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