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7 Types of Hair Extensions for Beginners

Hair extensions are an easy way to change your look without having to spend hours in front of a mirror. They’re also great for people who want to add volume to thinning hair.For women who have never ventured into hair extensions before. They must have a lot of questions about the different types of hair extensions, how they work, how to apply them, whether they are worth it, etc. Here we will introduce you to the different types of hair extensions. From clip in, tape in, sew in, flip in, hot and cold fusion, etc. So, you will know how to choose the best type of hair extensions for you.

First of all, you should know that real human hair extensions are always better than synthetic ones because human hair extensions can be styled and colored just like your hair so that it blends perfectly with your natural hair.

What Is Tape In Hair Extensions

For people with thin, fine hair, tape hair extensions are perfect for them because the hair is not bonded to the lace weft, but to the small tape, which is very thin and about 4 cm wide. A set of tape hair extensions includes about 20 small pieces of hair extensions. Each piece of hair extension has a piece of single or double-sided tape along the bottom. A piece of your natural hair is sandwiched between two pre-taped sections of hair extensions. One of the best parts of the hair extensions is that they are invisible and blend seamlessly with your natural hair because the extensions lay completely flat on your head. The entire installation process takes about one to two hours and is not too time consuming. The installation process can be a bit difficult for beginners and we recommend leaving it to a professional stylist.

Another advantage of tape in hair extensions is that they are very easy to maintain. Even after getting hair extensions, you can still shampoo, condition and style your hair as usual. However, make sure you don’t use hair care products that contain alcohol as it can break the glue and cause the extensions to fall out partially.

With proper maintenance, tape in hair extensions can last up to 6-8 weeks. As your hair grows out every six to eight weeks, the tape will move further and further away from your natural hair roots. You will need to have your hair stylist move them up.

When removing tape-ins, using an alcohol-based solution or slip oil is a good way to ensure seamless removal without tearing your hair; the alcohol dilutes the glue and allows the extensions to slide out of your hair without any residue left behind. You need to be careful with hair loss liquid products as they are very flammable! We recommend that you should go to a professional stylist to help you remove your hair extensions.

How Much Does It Cost?

$200+ at Salon

$79.01+ at inch hair

How to Apply Tape-in Hair Extensions?

In the application of tape in hair extensions, there is a sandwich method where a section of your natural hair is sandwiched between two pre-tied hair extensions.

How Long Does It Take to Apply?

This method is not too time consuming. One application takes about 30 minutes, depending on your stylist.

How Long Will It Last?

Tape-in hair extensions can last for 6 to 8 weeks under proper maintenance.


  • Tape-in method for thin, fine hair.
  • Lays flat on the scalp and blends perfectly with your natural hair.
  • Easy to maintain and you can sleep with them.
  • Even with extensions, you can still shampoo, condition and style your hair as usual.


  • Tape-in hair extensions need to be removed and reapplied every six to eight weeks.
  • You can’t use any hair care products that contain alcohol because they can cause weft slippage.

What Is Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions, also known as clip-in weaves, are a method of attachment in which multiple small, pressure-sensitive clips make it easy to attach hair strands to your natural hair. A set of clip-in hair extensions includes several different sizes of hair strands ranging from one, two, three to four clips.

This method of attachment is very popular in the fashion world due to the fact that clip-in hair extensions are very easy to maintain and apply. And they will blend perfectly with your natural hair, creating a complete look for you. This method is the least permanent and you do need to remove your extensions every night before you go to bed, but it is very safe and does not have the drawbacks such as traction hair loss caused by glue or other hair extension methods.

If you don’t want to wear hair extensions all the time, clip-in methods are a better option for you because you can easily take them off afterward. Clip-in extensions are also great for special occasions such as parties, business meetings, weddings and dinners where they can change your look in an instant.

Clip-in hair extensions are usually sewn onto French lace. There is another different type of clip-in method on the market called seamless clip-in hair extensions, also known as silicon weft hair extensions. These extensions are more natural than traditional clip-in extensions because they are made with very thin silicon weft tape that fits very flat on the head. If you have very thin, fine hair and traditional clip-in extensions are very bulky or heavy for your natural hair. You can try this seamless option.

Clip-in style is also great for those who are beginners to hair extensions because it can be easily attached and removed. Whether you want to make your hair longer and fuller or simply add some highlights to your natural hair, clip-in extensions can help you achieve this goal. We recommend going to a stylist to help you achieve a natural look.

How Much Does It Cost?

$200 to $1000 at Salon

$73.59+ at inch hair

How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions?

Start with a hair weft that has three clips, making sure all clips are in the open position. You should do this from the back of your head. Separate the bottom inch of your hair and secure the rest of your hair with claw clips. Clip the weft to this part of your hair, slide it into your natural hair and snap it tight. Make sure the weft is flat along your scalp. Then secure the rest of the hair weft as the first.

How Long Does It Take To Apply?

Clip-in hair extensions are very easy to install. You can do it in 5-10 minutes without any help from your hair stylist. This method is great for those who want to change their look immediately for a special occasion or event.

How Long Will It Last?

Clip-in hair extensions are very long-lasting because they are not worn every day and can be washed with your natural hair unlike semi-permanent extensions. With proper maintenance, this method can last up to a year.


  • The clip-on method is very easy to apply and remove, even for beginners.
  • No tools are required for application.
  • No damage to your natural hair and no pain when applying.
  • This method has a long life span.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Cannot be worn to bed and must be removed before sleeping.
  • Not suitable for thin and fine hair.

What Is Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions, also known as braided or plaited extensions, are great for people with curly, thick or coarse hair. Your stylist will braid your natural hair horizontally from ear to ear to create the foundation for the extensions, and then sew the weft into the braid. The entire process may take two to five hours. Typically, the sew-in method lasts up to 12 weeks, which is why it is very popular with women who want to grow their hair out or give it a break from heat styling. This sew-ins method of suturing is great because you don’t need to stick anything, use glue, or heat.

Stick to your usual washing and care routine after you use sewn-in weave. If you want to take out your weave, you should see an experienced stylist, or get help from a friend you trust who knows how to do it.

How Much Does It Cost?

$300+ at Salon

$69.56+ at inch hair

How To Apply Sew-In Hair Extensions?

When applying sew-in extensions, your natural hair needs to be braided horizontally from ear to ear to create a base for the extensions, and then the weft of the hair is sewn into the braid.

How Long Does It Take To Apply?

 It takes 2-3 hours, depending on your stylist.

How Long Will It Last?

This method can last for 2-6 weeks, very suitable for client with thick, coarse hair.


  • No heat or glue required for application.
  • Perfect for those with chick and coarse hair.


  • This method can cause additional stress on your scalp, which can lead to hair loss.
  • This method is time consuming and may take several hours for one application.

What Is Hot Fusion Hair Extension?

Hot fusion hair extensions are one of the original forms of hair extensions. They consist of hair strands and keratin bonding material. The ends of each hair strand are pre-filled with keratin.

Since your hair is already made up of 90% keratin, a protein compound, this method is actually gentler on the hair than normal glue.

How Much Does It Cost?

$300 to $500 at Salon

$75.68 to $230 at inch hair

How To Apply Hot Fusion (Pre-Bonded) Hair Extensions?

Apply pre-bonded hair extensions to the roots with lower heat and keratinized protein bonds. This allows the extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

A heat gun (also known as a fusion connector) will be used to melt the keratin glue onto your real hair. It solidifies the keratin bonds, which are then flattened by the technician’s fingers and allowed to cool.

How Long Does It Take To Apply?

They require at least about 2-3 hours of installation time and are ideal for people with long hair who need a long-term hair extension solution, as this glue can sometimes cause visible fuzz on thinner hair.

How Long Will It Last?

Hair extensions from this method can last 3-5 months. The better you treat them, the longer they will last. This includes carefully combing your hair with a brush designed for hair extensions. Do not overheat with a flat iron or curling iron. Wash only 2-3 times a week for best results. In the long run, proper care will result in better results from your hair extensions.


  • Fusion hair extensions are securely fastened to your own hair.
  • Fusion hair is suitable for thick hair/thick hair.


  • Keratin gels can cause serious damage.
  • They are often visible through fine strands.

What Is Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

There are two different cold fusion methods on the market, namely micro-loop links and micro-loop (I-tip) hair extensions. These two methods look very similar, but they also have some differences in application techniques.

The micro-loop method is more user-friendly than the micro-loop method when applying human hair extensions. At the top of each strand of hair extensions, there is a plastic ring and tiny copper ring being attached. By pulling on the plastic ring, a small strand of your natural hair is pulled through the pre-installed copper ring, and this copper ring is then clamped flat and secured to your natural hair. Only a pair of hair extension pliers is needed to hold these copper rings during the entire process of installing micro-loop hair extensions. While this method is faster and easier to install than the micro-ring method, it is more difficult to maintain. Those tiny rings are pre-fixed to each strand of hair extensions, which means it is difficult to replace them with new ones. This method is not suitable for fine hair, as they are more visible and more likely to slip off.

In the micro-loop method, the hair extensions used are type I hair extensions. The hair extension part and the ring are pre-connected and not separated from each other. To install I-tip hair extensions, a metal pull ring is required. Once the ring is fitted to the hair, the I-tip extensions are inserted into the ring and clamped flat by means of pliers.

This method is more discreet and less likely to come off because it clips the ring flatter. The color of the micro-rings can be customized, which means you can choose a color that best suits your hair color. One of the best parts of the micro-ring method is that I-tip hair extensions can be used over and over again with new rings. This micro-ring method is a great option for those who wish to wear their hair extensions for months on end.

Since cold fusion is a separate method for hair strands, it moves a little more naturally. This method is also a good option if you want to add highlights or lowlights to your natural hair. To protect your natural hair from damage, tiny rings are usually made of copper and lined with silicone.

How Much Does It Cost?

$300 to $500 at Salon

$74 to $200 at inch hair

How To Apply Cold Fusion Hair Extensions?

A small portion of your natural hair is threaded into a miniature mircro-ring. Next, a small strand of hair extensions is inserted into the ring. Finally, the ring is pinned flat to secure it to your natural hair.

How Long Does It Take To Apply?

This is a time-consuming method, takes 3-6 hours for an application. 

How Long Will It Last?

This method can last for 2 to 5 months.


  • No heat or glue required for application.
  • Long-lasting hair extensions.
  • Light weight.


  • It is a time consuming method of hair extensions.
  • Some wearers get upset by those hard attachments on their hair.
  • Extra care is needed during the finishing process.
  • Maintenance appointments are required every month to make adjustments.

What Is Flip-In Hair Extensions

Flip in hair extensions, also known as halo hair extensions. Instead of having multiple weft wires like clip-in extensions, this method uses a clear wire to hold a large weft wire to your head, like a halo, which is why we call them halo extensions. The bottom half of the wire is attached to the weft of the hair, while the top half stays bare. You can hide the wire by placing it underneath your natural hair, therefore making it easy to blend in perfectly with your natural hair.

Less weight occurs on your natural locks because the flip in hair method does not secure the weft to your existing hair. This method of hair extensions is very safe and easy to use.

How Much Does It Cost?

$100 to $500 at Salon

$80 to $200 at inch hair

How to Apply Flip-in Hair Extensions?

Place the extensions on top of your head and adjust the clear wire to secure the extensions to your head. Use a tail comb to pull your natural hair through the wire so that the extensions are hidden under your natural hair. Style and blend in with your own hair.

How Long Does It Take To Apply?

 This method is also super easy to apply. You can wear it in less than 5 minutes.

How Long Will It Last?

Like the clip-in method, this method has a long life span.


  • Very easy to apply and remove.
  • No damage to your own hair.
  • No tools required for use.
  • Low maintenance and long life.


  • Flip in hair extensions must be removed before going to bed.
  • Not suitable for short hair.

Hair extension methods such as taping, cold fusion and hot fusion, all of these methods have one thing in common, they put stress on your existing hair strands. Our people shed up to 100 hairs a day, so over time, the amount of your natural hair attached to individual extensions will naturally become thinner and thinner. If your natural hair becomes too thin, then the extensions will be too heavy on your existing hair. Your hair can easily be pulled out, which is how hair extension wearers end up with baldness. We recommend that you should ideally replace your hair extensions every 2-8 weeks.

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