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Hand Tied Extensions Are They Right for Your Hair

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If you’ve ever had or ever considered hair extensions, you’ve come across the phrase, hand-tied hair extensions. That said, many of us don’t know exactly what that means. What are weft? How are they applied? How long do they last and will I be able to properly style my hair? If you’re asking yourself all of these questions and more, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed all the information you need. We’ve listed all the information you need to know about hand-tied hair. Including the application process, and aftercare.

Do Hand Tied Extensions Use Heat Or Glue?

No! The advantage of hand-tied hair extensions is that they are sewn into the hair. This avoids the need for any damaging heat or glue during the application process. It also means that once the stylist removes your hair extensions, there will be no heat damage or residue to remove.

Do Hand Tied Extensions Hurt During Application?

Hand-tied hair extensions are painless! Your stylist will handle your natural hair very carefully to ensure there is no pulling or discomfort. In addition, each weft has an even weight distribution. This allows for no discomfort during application and no damage afterwards.

What Are Hand Tied Extensions And How Are They Applied?

Hand-tied hair extensions is the term used for securing weaves to natural hair. First, your hair stylist will separate your hair into sections. From here, they will select small sections of hair at a time. Then, they will carefully slide small silicon beads onto the hair and secure them in place. This creates the framework for your hair extensions. Once all the bead work is done, it’s time for the hair! The curtain-like rows of hair are now held together.

Now, using the beads as a base, carefully connect the curtain-like rows of hair extensions together. This will ensure that you don’t put all the weight of your hair on your natural hair strands. Your stylist will sew the hair in to distribute the weight evenly. They also create a secure and even base for the hair. Once the application is complete, neither you nor anyone else will be able to tell it’s not your own

Will Tied Extensions Damage My Natural Hair?

No, hand-tied wefts will not damage your hair. They are different from machine wefting, which can be thicker and therefore heavier. They usually pull on the hair, whereas hand-tied weaves do not.

How Many Rows Of Hair Will I Need?

The amount of hair you need depends entirely on your natural locks. How thick it is, how long it is, etc. Different hair types will require different amounts of hair to give a completely flawless final look. For example, someone with thinning hair may need extra hair to cover up the hairline. This will result in a natural looking hair that is thicker and more striking than before

If you have naturally fine hair, you can still get hand-tied hair extensions. Your stylist will assess your hair prior to application and tell you the entire process. How much hair you will need, plus a spot to fill in the area of your concern.

What Length Is The Hand Tied Hair?

Hand tied wefts are available in two lengths. 18-20 inches, or 22-24 inches. The length you choose is up to you, but your stylist will certainly be able to make suggestions. They can suggest which length looks best for you based on your height and style. Also, it would be helpful if you have any important information to share with them. For example, you work out every day so you often wear your hair up high, you have a cowlick that you want to cover up, etc.

Can I Style My Hand Tied Extensions?

As long as you’re choosing 100% virgin human hair extensions, that’s totally fine! No need to change your daily routine. No need to change your usual hairstyle. This includes heat styling. You can still happily blow dry, curl and straighten your hair without any problems or damage. Plus, your hand-tied weft will be so secure that no seams will show through.

Will I Be Able To Wear My Hair In Its Usual Styles?

You sure will! Even if you put your hair up, your new additions will go completely unnoticed High ponytails, buns, and even braids are all possible. The only noticeable change is that your hairstyle looks thicker and nicer Use INCHHAIR to make sure your new long hair stays in its original state

How Long Do Hand Tied Hair Extensions Last?

In fact, virgin hair extensions can be used over and over again. They can last up to a year if the hair is properly cared for and if excessive heat is not used. This means that once you have new hair extensions, your natural hair will of course grow. This means that if you want to keep your hair extensions, you will need to move them up. This will need to be evaluated every 6-8 weeks as the hair will grow naturally. However, hair extensions do not cause any damage, so it is perfectly safe to put them back in right away.

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