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Microlink Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

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Microlinks Pros And Cons: Everything You Should Know

Microlink is one of the most popular hair extensions this year because of the natural and stunning look it brings. But before getting these hair extensions, there are 5 things you should consider, including the pros and cons.

What are Microlinks?

Also known as microrings or microbeads, micro links are hair extensions that are secured to the hair strands by using a small silicon bead. These hair extensions can last 10-12 weeks, depending on care and maintenance. The complete installation is relatively simple and can produce a more natural-looking extension. There are no braids and no volume, and can be easily removed.

Best Candidates for Microlink Hair Extensions

The best candidate for microlink extensions is determined by 2 things

  1. Hair Texture
  2. Healthy hair

This type of extension is best suited for medium to fine hair textures. The beads used are small and can easily get lost or tangled in thick or dense hair. The final decision is also based on how you intend to wear your hair, either hot conditioned (flat ironed) or natural. The beauty of these hair extensions is that they offer versatility.

If for some reason the health of your hair is compromised ( weak, damaged, breakage, shedding), I would not recommend this extension service for you. Weak hair may be further damaged by any extensions. I recommend wearing your hair naturally until your hair is stronger and can withstand the additional stress.

Pros and Cons of Microlink Hair Extensions


  • Relatively quick and easy to apply hair can be added fairly quickly, sometimes in less than an hour (depending on the stylist).
  • Microlink hair extensions do not require the use of heat, adhesives or other chemicals and should not cause any damage to your real hair if installed properly.
  • Easy to use and low maintenance – Because there are no braids or glue required, hair styling and maintenance should be a breeze. Maintenance of the beads should be done 4-6 weeks after the initial installation. This will help avoid breakage and maintain the life of the hair extensions.
  • Seamless and undetectable – The beads that connect your natural hair to the extensions are small, thus making them undetectable. Your real hair should blend in perfectly, creating a natural look that is not bulky.


  • Cost – Installation may not be in your budget. While a better option for extensions, the annual cost may add up.
  • They don’t really work for short hair, but “it depends”. If you plan to keep your hair short and add for color or volume, then microlink extensions may work. You want to make sure that the extensions blend in with your natural hair.
  • They don’t work for everyone. As discussed earlier, if you have weak or thick/dense hair, micro-link hair extensions may cause damage and other hair extension options should be chosen.
Installation of the micro link is quick and easy
Does not damage the hair
Looks natural
Installation of micro links is costly
Not suitable for hair that is too short
Not suitable for fragile people

How Long Do Microlinks Last

The answer to the question “how long do microlinks last” often depends on how well each one is taken care of.

  • On average, microlink hair extensions can last 10 to 12 weeks if you take proper care of your hair.
  • However, since our natural hair sheds every day and with microlinks you are not combing your hair as you normally would, this can lead to a shorter lifespan.

Therefore, we recommend going to the salon every 3 weeks and having your hairdresser open the microlink, re-comb your hair and then reattach the microthreads to cleaner hair. This will help you to have smooth and healthy hair.

What is The Cost of Microlinks?

Microlinks are quite expensive. This is understandable because using microlinks in your hair will cost you 3 things: microlinks, hair extensions, and a professional hairdresser. We strongly recommend that you have micro-linkages applied by a professional to avoid damaging your real hair.

The cost of Microlinks hair extensions varies depending on the stylist providing the service and the work required to achieve your desired results. Fees range from $500-$1,000 (based on location), with additional services such as coloring and cutting adding to the cost. It is highly recommended that you schedule an in-person consultation so that the stylist can see and feel your hair to determine if you are a good candidate. During the consultation, you may want to discuss your wants, needs and desires while getting to know the stylist (especially if this is a new visit).

How To Take Care Of Microlinks Properly

If you do not take careful care of your microlink, there is a good chance that your microlinks will not be as durable as expected. Here is a guide to taking proper care of your microlink extensions.

How To Wash Your Microlinks Extension

In order to keep your hair looking its best, you must know how to wash it properly. Here are the steps to wash copper with microlink extensions.

  1.  While your hair is dry, comb through your hair with your fingers. Start combing at the ends of your hair and slowly work your way up to the microlink. Remember to comb carefully so that you don’t get caught in the microlink. You can use a wide-tooth comb instead of your fingers.
  2. Apply shampoo to your hair. Start at the top and work your way down to the microlink extensions. Be careful not to wash in a circular motion as this will mess up your hair. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to apply the shampoo evenly, especially don’t use too much force and be very gentle.
  3.  Rinse your hair with warm water. Squeeze your hair very well, from the top of your head down. You should let the rinse water go gently over your head, without rubbing the microlink.

How To Dry Microlinks Extension

  • Dry microlinks hair extensions with a towel. Gently absorb into the hair and scalp with the towel. Never rub the hair as this will cause tangles. After soaking, allow hair to dry naturally.
  • Use a hair dryer to dry microlinks. when using a hair dryer, it is natural to put the hair dryer in a low heat position, not too hot. Because microlinks are made of metal tubes, using a hot hair dryer can damage your scalp. However, blow-drying is not the method we recommend.

Alternatives to Microlinks

If microlink are out of your budget, you can try these types of extensions, as they are also very popular with many women.

  • Sew In Hair Extensions: Hair extensions are attached to your real hair through a clip. This is a simple and convenient method. You can easily do it yourself at home without any help. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to install.
  • Tape In Hair: Lay your hair evenly on the tape and have your hairdresser secure it to your real hair. This method requires a professional to do it, but tape-style will definitely be less budget-friendly than miniature links.
  • Hair Wefts: The extensions are attached to the wire and then the hairdresser will sew it to your real hair after you have braided it into cornrows. Many women prefer this method because it helps protect your real hair while also giving it a beautiful look.

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