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Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Hair Extensions

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Have you been hearing about the K-Tips extension lately, but don’t know exactly what it is? If so, continue reading. First, let us tell you about K-Tips extensions, also known as keratin extensions, which are by far the most natural extensions available to add volume to your hair.

In order to give our dear readers exactly the information they need as beginners, we have collected the most questions about K-Tips extensions. So, let’s get started.

What Are K-Tip Extensions and How Stylists Install Them?

What: K-Tips, also known as Keratin Tips, are individual extensions applied to natural hair using thermal fusion technology. They use a silicone additive to help protect hair strands from damage by creating a coating while allowing free movement and natural layering of texture.

How Long Do K-Tip Extensions Last?

K-tips extensions can last 12 to 14 weeks (2 to 3 months). However, the duration depends on how well you follow the aftercare guidelines for K-tips hair extensions.

Removal and reapplication of K-tips extensions depends on the growth of your hair. The maximum time it can remain applied is four months. You should remove your K-Tip hair extensions every four months in order to reapply them due to growth.

Are K-Tip Extensions Damaging?

As you read above, K-tips extensions have keratin tips. These keratin tips contain proteins similar to those found in hair. Therefore, these do not cause damage when installed.

However, if someone installs K-tips hair extensions for a long period of time and allows the product to build up, it can seriously damage the hair. In addition, if you don’t take a break from the installation of K-Tip hair extensions, their heaviness that lasts for months can weaken the hair shaft and increase hair breakage.

Can You Feel K-Tip Extensions?

The bond created during the installation of the K-Tip extension is minimal. This is visually undetectable and physically comfortable. No one notices the presence of the K-Tip extensions when you flip your hair, and you don’t feel any harm when you put your head on the pillow.

Does K-Tip Installation Limit You Make A Few Hairstyles?

No, it won’t. You can do any hairstyle that goes up instead of down, i.e. high ponytail or bun. It will provide you with the ultimate versatility in making hairstyles while the installation stays hidden.

How Do Stylists Remove K-Tip Extensions?

In salons, hair stylists have K-Tip hair extensions in liquid form. They apply it to each bond to loosen the bond of the K-Tip hair extensions. The stylist will then take a pair of pliers and further loosen the bond until the extensions come off.

Best Quality K-Tip Hair Extension

If you want to enjoy the installation of K-Tip hair extensions, make sure you buy from a trusted supplier that meets all high quality hygiene standards while providing hair extensions, such as INCHHAIR.

Our K-Tip hair extensions are made of pure Italian keratin for enhanced retention. Moreover, it has a more discrete bond than regular nail tip extensions.

To avoid wasting money trying various K-Tip extensions, or bond extensions, click here to purchase the best quality K-Tip extensions on the market today.

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