Weave & Weft Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Human Hair Wefts

At InchHair, we have a range of wefted hair extensions that can easily enhance your natural hair. From weave hair extensions that can be worn for weeks, to clip-in hair extensions for evening use, there are plenty of options to choose from. Our temporary hair extensions can be done at home, while our weave extensions simply need to be brought to the salon and have a hairdresser apply a variety of styles to suit your needs. InchHair offers extensions that are 100% human hair, so they look and feel completely natural, giving you the best possible results.

Types of Wefts

Hand Tied Wefts

Thin, lightweight, & flexible
Hand-knotted weft lays flat

Machine Wefts

Thick, strong, & durable
Perfect for full sew-in installs

Professional Weft Hair Extensions

Our professional weft hair extensions offer one of the best hair extension experiences due to their longevity and wide range of use. Customize your weft extensions with stitching, clip-in extensions or natural beading techniques All of our high quality weft extensions are made from 100% virgin human hair to ensure strength and durability. Our weft hair extensions are available in many popular color options, including ombre, balayage, and many more shades. No matter what your current hair length is, weft extensions make it simple to have longer, more beautiful hair.

Hair typeCuticle Virgin Hair
Application1.5 – 3 hours
Reapplication6-9 weeks
MaintenanceWash hair regularly. Avoid over styling, as this can cause the braids to come loose. Shampoo, blow-dry curl or straighten as you would with your normal hair.
Life span6-12 months

Let's Look At Some Of the Benefits of Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions provide a natural look

Weft extensions are very close to the scalp, which means they look completely natural. The beads on the weft will also match the color of your hair, so no one will notice if you have extensions, even if your hair is tied up.

Weft hair extensions are available in different degrees of thickness

Weft hair extensions are available in varying degrees of thickness and can be customized to suit the client's individual style and hair goals. You can cut and style the extensions to fit the client's natural hair texture and desired thickness before applying the weft to the client's head.

Wefted hair extensions cause minimal damage to the hair

Weft hair extensions are designed without any damage to natural hair. Thanks to our training courses, you can confidently create the look your clients want without any damage or pain.

Weft hair extensions allow you to experiment with your look

Want to change your color by adding highlights and lowlights? If you're not ready to make a change or are afraid of damaging your natural hair, adding different shades of weft hair extensions can help you experiment without any hassle.

Hand-Tied Extensions

Straight Virgin Hand-Tied Weft

From $107.46

Wavy Virgin Hand-Tied Weft

From $107.46

Curly Virgin Hand-Tied Weft

From $107.46

Why Choose Hand-Tied Wefts?

Since the process of hand-tied wefts is so precise, they are thinner, more discreet and more comfortable for the scalp than machine wefts. This method provides a seamless solution for those with fine hair and those who venture into the world of sew-ins.

Double Hand Tied Wefts

Machine Weft Extensions

Straight Virgin Machine Weft

From $69.56

Wavy Virgin Machine Weft

From $69.56

Curly Virgin Machine Weft

From $69.56

Why Choose Machine Wefts?

Machine wefted is made on sewing machines and the end result is thicker and more durable tracks. They are thicker and work well when more density is needed. Machine woven weft is a continuous section that can be cut along the track, whereas hand knotted weft cannot.

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Weft Hair Extensions Reviews

How to use weft hair extensions

Our weave hair extensions are suitable for sewing directly onto hair or making into wigs. They are 33″ wide straight hair weaves. You can safely color, curl or style our weft hair extensions to suit your needs without the risk of damaging your hair. With three layers of wefts, each of our hair is three times thicker. In addition, these hair extensions are 50% thicker than our competitors’ hair extensions, providing you with the fullest hair possible. These hair bundles are intended for professional applications.

16 Inch Weft Hair Extensions

For more hair volume without excessive extra length, 16 inch weft is the ideal choice. These hair extensions can reach below the collarbone for a sophisticated look. Made from Grade 5A human hair, the extensions have a soft and silky texture.

18 Inch Weft Hair Extensions

Choose from 24 different shades of 18 inch weft hair extensions, including a selection of three balayage extensions for a sun-kissed look. These weft hair extensions are ideal for creating everyday style.

20 Inch Weft Hair Extensions

As INCHHAIR’s most popular length, our 20-inch weft extensions are suitable for customers of all heights. If you want to curl or style your hair with weft extensions, this is one of the best options. You can pick from a range of shades – from jet black to ice queen gold, all of which you can dye to achieve the perfect color match.

24 Inch Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions will not exceed 24 inches in length. Our 24 inch hair extension weft bundle is the second most popular length at INCHHAIR. These are a great choice for medium to taller clients. They are also ideal for numerous styling options. Purchase a single bundle for everyday hair volume or one or two bundles for ultimate thickness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weave Hair Extensions will allow you to transition from short hair one week to long hair the next! Weaves are also the perfect way to create a new style while giving your hair a break from chemical services, or adding volume. They are also a perfect way to create a new style while growing your own natural hair, giving your hair a break from chemical services, or adding fullness and body. Braids act as a shield for your natural hair, protecting your hair from the elements and giving you the option to cut, color, style or blow dry your hair without compromising your natural hair. They are the damage-free hair game!

  • High Quality, 100% original virgin Indian human hair
  • Our weft hair extensions offer strong and long-lasting longevity. Every hair stays strong …… Shedding will become less and less with time and daily wear.
  • INCHHAIR™ is our signature chemical-free, silicone-free processing system that leaves harvested hair as pure as possible. This means fewer tangles, no shine and maximum durability.
  • Maximum flexibility to find the weave that best suits your hair’s desires and lifestyle.

Hand-tied Wefts

If you are looking for partial installations to add length or volume, then hand-tied weft may be suitable for partial or full installations. These are pre-cut, so don’t cut them. Otherwise, they may come off. Hand-tied weft lines are also better for thin or fine hair because weft lines are much thinner and not as bulky as machine weft lines. Our hand-tied and beaded rows weigh 2 ounces per pack.

Machine Wefts

Machine wefts have a thicker track, which is a better solution for women with thicker or coarser hair. The rails can be cut and strategically placed to fit the area of your desired style. Woven weft comes in 4 ounce packs and is often the best solution for partial or full seamed weaves.

Wefted hair extensions can last for months if properly cared for. However, it is important to remove them regularly to clean the natural hair and prevent tangling. In addition, the weight of hair extensions can cause breakage if they are left in place for too long. Therefore, it is best to consult with a professional to determine how often to remove and reattach hair extensions. With proper care, weft hair extensions can give you the gorgeous, voluminous hair you’ve always wanted.

In the case of high quality human hair, such as INCHHAIR’s weft, the actual extensions themselves can last for years and can be reused. Proper maintenance is required.