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14 Inch Hair Extension: Everything You Need To Know

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In this article, I will give you all the details about 14 inch natural hair extensions. If you are fretting about your hair length and volume and want to improve them, consider 14 inch hair extensions to make you more beautiful and stylish. You just need to read this article for more information before you choose a hair extension that suits you!


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What do 14 inch Hair Extensions Mean

Source, material, length and measurement are all general information you may want to know. Let’s read below to better understand the definition of 14 inch long hair extensions.

What are 14 inch Hair Extensions?

First of all, what are 14″ real hair extensions? To give you a really clear understanding, let’s start by clarifying this type of hair extensions in terms of source and material.

Sources of 14 inch hair extension

It is well known that the hair industry is becoming more and more popular worldwide, as the demand is now higher. However, not every market can meet the demand in terms of quantity and quality. We can mention three major markets for manufacturing 14 inch hair extensions such as Vietnam, China and India. Although the raw hair is imported from many other countries such as Brazil, Malaysia, Cambodia etc., but the above three countries are considered to have the best quality and large quantity of 14 inch natural hair extensions.

Materials of 14 inch Hair Extension

Like other types of hair extensions, 14″ human hair extensions are made of 3 materials that differ in hair quality.

Virgin 14 inch Hair Extension

14 inch human hair extensions made from virgin hair are usually softer and smoother. Because virgin hair comes from only one donor, the quality of the hair will be uniform, healthy, smooth and less tangled. In addition, virgin hair has never been processed before donation, and 14 inch virgin hair extensions made from real human hair will be strong enough to be dyed in lighter tones for long-lasting color.

Remy 14 inch Hair Extension

Different from virgin hair, Remy hair is donated by more than two donors, therefore, the quality of the hair is not the same. However, 14″ human hair extensions are rearranged in the same order prior to production and are less likely to tangle when used. In almost all markets where hair extensions are produced, the use of Remy material is popular for 14 inch natural hair extensions. Although lighter shades of hair are difficult to color, 14 inch real hair extensions remy come in a variety of colors.

Non-remy 14 inch Hair Extension

The biggest difference between Remy 14 inch real hair extensions and non-Remy 14 inch real hair extensions is the direction of the hair. Because the hair is donated by many people, the hair is not aligned in the same direction after the cut. The ends and ends of the hair are not aligned in the same direction, causing the hair to be tangled, fragile and prone to breakage.

Characteristics of 14 inch Hair Extensions

Now let’s move on to the features of the 14 inch long hair extensions. All you want to know about the real length, weight and price will be clarified.

How Long is 14 inch in Hair Length?

In our daily life, we usually classify our hair into 3 types: short hair,medium hair and long hair. However, we rarely know how long short hair will be, or how long 14 inch hair extensions will be. Here is a table of hair lengths converted from inches to centimeters for our convenience in practice.

hair length chart 1
How long are 14 inch hair extensions?

From this hair extension length chart, we can see that 14 inch hair extensions would be considered the equivalent of 35 cm short hair. In almost all hair makers, 14 inch long extensions are the third shortest extensions in the chart, with the shortest usually being 10 inch extensions (and sometimes even 8 or 6 inch ones).

measure the length

So, how do you properly measure the length of your hair? 14 inch human hair extensions come in a variety of styles, from straight to curly, and it is difficult for us to measure the length to determine if this extension is a 14 inch extension. Whether your extensions are straight or curly, you will want to measure them by pulling them straight.

How Long is 14 inch in Body Height?

The length you choose for your hair extensions depends on the proportions of your body. As I mentioned, in practice, our hair will be divided into 3 main lengths. Short hair is shorter than your shoulders and long hair is longer than your mid back. So, 14 inches of long hair is considered to be armpit length. If you prefer longer hair, you can also opt for 20 inch hair extensions.

How Much Should my 14 inch Hair Extensions Weigh?

Also, many of you must be wondering what the weight of 14 inch human hair extensions is. Here is the answer for you.

Weight of 14 inch hair extensions

According to this chart, a small piece of 14-inch long hair extensions will weigh 0.6 grams. A complete 14-inch long hair extension bundle usually takes about 10 small pieces, so a 14-inch long hair extension bundle would weigh about 60 grams. However, this chart is only a vendor specific measurement. Often, depending on the type of hair, the weight will vary. The most popular weight for 1 bundle of hair is 100 grams.

Are 14 inch Hair Extensions Expensive?

The price and cost of 14 inch human hair extensions depends on many factors: quality, material and length, etc. Of course, it is said that virgin hair is the best hair material, so the price of 14″ long hair extensions made from virgin hair is the highest. The factor that most affects the price of 14 inch hair extensions is the quality. If the quality is right for the price, you can’t say the hair is expensive! If the quality is right for the price, you can’t say that the hair is expensive.

hair texture chart

In addition, the origin of the hair also influences the price of 14 inch long hair to a great extent. There are 3 largest hair industries in the world.

  • In Vietnam: 14-inch hair extensions are taken from 100% Vietnamese hair – girls who live in high mountains and cold climates, so the hair is even, strong and shiny. As a result, the price of hair on the Vietnamese market tends to be the highest.
  • China: with its mass production technology needs a lot of raw hair. This country has to import hair from other countries like India, Malaysia, …… That is why the quality of 14-inch hair extensions is not the same and can easily tangle and break.
  • Indians: in addition, live in hot and dry areas, so the quality of hair is not healthy and smooth. The source of hair horns for production is also not of high quality and India is not able to apply modern technology, so the price is usually the cheapest of the 3 markets.

How Many Types of 14 inch Hair Extensions are there?

The 5 types of 14 inch long hair extensions will be divided according to the way we install them on your head. The easier it is to install on our head, the less durable the hair extensions will be.

14 inch Clip-in Hair Extensions

Your hair extensions will have clips to match. You can totally do this yourself at home by tying up 2/3 of your real hair and clip 14 inch extensions to the rest of your hair to bring it close to the hairline of your real hair. Clip-in hair extensions are the most popular type of hair extensions because they are easy to install and easy to change. If you want to change your hair style or the color of your extensions, it only takes 30 minutes to an hour.

14 inch clip-in hair extensions

14 inch Tape-in Hair Extensions

The 14 inch hair extensions are secured with medical tape. Attaching it to real hair is very similar to the clip-in style; however, using tape limits the durability of the hair, so it is difficult to use it repeatedly. Tape-in hair extensions are considered to be the least durable type. You will spend 1-2 hours installing it on your head, but you will only be able to use it for 4 weeks. In addition, using tape makes the user feel not tight enough for our daily activities.

14 inch tape-in hair extensions

14 inch Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sewn-in 14 inch hair extensions are a type of hair weft that requires a needle and thread to wear. It will be sewn directly to your real hair, which is very difficult, so it is recommended that you do not do it yourself at home. Sutured hair extensions take time and skill, therefore, it looks the most natural type of hair extension. However, the fixings in the hair can make it very difficult to change your hair style or color. If you choose 14 inch seamed hair extensions, it will take 2-3 hours and at least 2 months of use.

sew in hair extensions
14 inch sew-in hair extensions

Fusion and Pre-bonded 14 inch Hair Extensions

Fused and pre-glued hair extensions are attached to your real hair with a special glue. You need to melt the glue out in order to stick it to your real hair. This is very dangerous and can easily burn or scorch your real hair, so be careful not to do it yourself at home. Although fusing and pre-gluing hair extensively is quite a dangerous installation, it is also the most durable type of hair extension.

Fusion & Pre-bonded 14 inch hair extensions

14 inch Microbead Hair Extensions

As its name tag, a 14-inch microbead hair extension will be attached with microbeads. These beads serve to safely attach the extensions to your real hair with minimal damage to the real hair. However, hair extensions require meticulous care, so you should always enlist the help of a hairdresser. Microbead hair extensions are the most durable, natural and safe way to get hair extensions. Not to mention that it takes time and requires a professional to install, you should consider this type because of its beauty.

14 inch microbead hair extensions

Comparison Among 5 types of 14 inch Hair Extension

Depending on your needs, purpose and affordability, you can choose a suitable 14 inch hair extension. In terms of durability, fused and pre-glued as well as mỉcro beads are the most durable hair extensions’ however, this means that it will not be convenient to change colors or styles. Here is a summary comparison table for your reference.

Fusion & Pre-bonded
Time to install
3-6 months
4-8 weeks
8 weeks
4 months
4 months
Convenience(to change)

Style of 14 inch Hair Extensions

There are many styles of 14 inch human hair extensions. However, 14 inch hairstyles will be more suitable for girls who are a bit short, which will make the body proportions more balanced. Here are 4 styles that I think you will all like!

14 inch Curly Hair Extension

For curly hair extensions, curly and wavy are two of the most popular patterns. Let’s see how they look like!

  • Wavy 14 inch hair extensions: This hairstyle is not picky and suits most girls. The gentle curls will make you look freer and more energetic.
  • Curly 14 inch hair extensions: This hairstyle is suitable for girls with small faces. Curly hair will make the face fuller. Recently, curly hair has become a trend among cute Asian girls.
Your Hair Is Wavy or Curly
14 inch curly hair extensions

14 inch Colour Hair Extension

There are various colors of hair extensions on the market for you to choose from, so I’m not going to dig into the available styles. The bigger concern is how to choose a hair color that suits you, so now I’ll tell you

The easiest way to choose the right color of 14 inch hair extensions is.

  • You should choose hair extensions that are similar in color to your real hair extensions or try to buy the most similar hair that will make your hair look natural.
  • If you want to try ombre color, choose hair extensions that are lighter in color at the ends than your real hair. Recently, color mixing has become a trend.

In addition, you should choose the color of your hair extensions based on your skin tone. Different skin tones will suit different hair colors, here is a summary.

  • Cool tones: Freedom to choose the color of your hair dye. You can try all shades from light to dark tones. For example, some typical colors for 14 inch hair extensions are: smoky gray, bright yellow, mossy gray, dark brown, fuchsia or pitch black.
  • Hot colors: You should choose a dark hair color and should not choose a shade that contrasts too much with your skin. Contrasting colors not only do not accentuate the skin, but also reveal flaws. Some typical colors are: dark brown, chocolate, honey.
color rangs 2
colour hair extensions

14 inch Straight Hair Extension

This 14 inch hair extension style is suitable for girls with round and slightly chubby faces. Straight hair will make the face slimmer, more stylish and classy. If you have a slender face, combine it with bangs, it’s a perfect combination to make you sexy and have a little mystery.

14 inch straight hair extensions

How to Install 14 inch Hair Extensions

The next question to be answered is how to install this hair extension and how to take care of it. Everything you need will be clarified now!

How to install 14 inch Hair Extensions at Home?

In fact, by classifying the types of hair extensions, the different installation methods in the third item do give you all the information on the popular application methods! So, in this section, we will just summarize the methods that you can perform at home itself! For sure, the two easiest methods are to clip in on the hair and to tape in it. As their name suggests, you just need to use the clips or tapes already on the hair extensions and fix them to your real hair

Install hair extension at home

How to Care for 14 inch Hair Extensions at Home?

Caring for hair extensions at home is not difficult. They just need the same amount of care as your real hair! Don’t forget to comb your hair to prevent tangling or shedding. Don’t forget to wash your hair with cold water to remove all the dirt. Don’t forget to add conditioner to your routine to keep your hair smooth! Then, you’ll have the perfect hair extensions at home!

How to Import Wholesale 14 inch Hair Extensions?

How to import hair extensions for different purposes. These purposes will be divided into 2 main categories: personal use purposes and wholesale purposes. Let’s see what are the ways to import hair extensions

Where Can I Buy 14 inch Hair Extensions for Personal Use?

First of all, for personal use, you can easily buy hair extensions from any reliable retailer near you. Especially, if you buy hair extensions from a salon, the hairdresser will also give you some useful advice on how to install, style or care for your hair. What if you are a hair salon owner and want to buy more than one hair extension to customize your wig? In addition to your local hair salon, you can consult the following human hair bulking companies and wholesale hair suppliers for wholesale!

Where to buy hair extensions?

Where Can I Buy 14 inch Hair Extensions for Wholesale?

By searching online, you can easily buy 14 inch human hair extensions in bulk. There are countless suggestions on where to buy 14 inch long hair extensions; however, the following list is the top 3 most reliable 14 inch natural hair extensions factories in the world. If you want to import hair extensions, you can contact them.

INCHHAIR Factory – The most Reliable Hair Factory in China

INCHHAIR is a big manufacturer and wholesaler of 14 inch hair extensions and all other kinds in China, it has been ranked in the top 1 of the biggest hair factories in China in 2019.INCHHAIR has almost 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting hair all over the world. They always supply the best quality of hair to many salons, retailers, wholesalers and other factories around the world. To discover more about INCHHAIR, you can follow these links.

iLovely Hair – Famous Hair Vendor in China

iLovelyHair was founded ten years ago with the goal of working with both large and small wholesale hair companies. Because they also have their own factory with modern technology, the prices of their products, such as 14 inch hair extensions, are often competitive. They are well known for their human hair production procedures.

Alibaba – 14 inch Hair Extension China Supplier

Alibaba is a famous hair wholesale in China. This one can provide all kinds of hair textures. You can import hair like straight, wavy or curly hair from here. However, the most popular product is the original Indian temple bulk hair.

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