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Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type

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Hair Extension Type Tape In Hot Fusion or Keratin bond Micro Links Clip In or Flip In Cold Fusion,Micro Links or I Tip Sew In or Braided Glue In
Description Also Known as skin weft,where hair is applied using either double or single-sided tape Keratin U-tip bond is attached to the hair using a heating element Hair is pulled through silicone lined micro-link skin wefts and clamped shut with a closing tool,Only patented brand is Klix Hair Extensions Clip ins are applied using pressure sensitive clips. Flip-ins are applied with a silk wire Hair is pulled through a small bead or lock & clamped shut. Commonly known as weave,stylist braids natural hair to create a base & sews the weft into the braids using a needle & thread Short-term method,where glue is applied to the base of the weft & attached to the hair
Suitable Hair Tape All types of hair,primarily thin to medium density Medium to thick density hair Medium to thick density hair Medium density hair Medium to thick density hair Any type of hair Any tape of hair
Maintenance Avoid any silicone or oil-based products at the root of the hair.Style hair as normal Avoid any oil-based products or over styling Avoid any silicone or oil-based products near the attach-ment Wash hair extensions as infrequently as possible and apply a deep conditioner if the hair becomes dry or Avoid use of oils or silicone-based products near the attachment Wash hair regularly.Avoid over-styling,as this can cause the braids to becomes loose Hair must be reapplied every few days or after you shower.
Application Time 30 min-1 hour 6-8 hour 1 hour 10 min 4-6 hour 3-4 hour 1-2 hour
Price From $64.42 From $62.31 From $62.31 From $62.31 From $62.31 From $58.80 $$

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How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions

Are you ready to try hair extensions, but not sure where to start? Finding the perfect hair extensions method and brand can seem very daunting. However, we’ve listed everything you need to make the right choice! Follow the steps below and soon you’ll have the hair of your dreams!

Compare hair extension methods

First, you need to find a hair extension method that suits your hair type and lifestyle. There are a variety of hair extensions available to meet your needs. Here are the most common hair extensions on the market.

Tape in Hair Extensions

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Tape hair extensions have quickly become a favorite among stylists and clients due to their quick application time and reusability. In 60 minutes or less, you can have longer, thicker hair. In addition, depending on the brand and maintenance, hair can last up to a year. No heat, adhesives or tools are required for application, which means you won’t have to worry about damage if applied properly.

Hot Fusion or Keratin Bond

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Single-strand hair extensions are applied to the hair using a Keratin U-tip bonding agent with a heating element. This method is best suited for thick and dense hair as a single application can last up to 6 months. Application may take 6-8 hours, depending on the experience of the stylist. May cause damage to natural hair as heat is required for application. Ideal for low-maintenance clients who do not want to go to the salon often or have their hair styled daily.

Cold Fusion, Micro-Links or I-tip

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Another single strand extension method, however, does not require heat for application. It is done by pulling the natural hair through a small bead or lock and then securing it with a tool. Also suitable for thick and coarse hair, as the beads may be visible if your hair is fine. Application lasts 4-6 hours, but hair lasts up to 6 months.

Sew-in or Braided

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For thick or heavy hair, braids are used as the basis for hair extensions, which are sewn together with pins and threads. Although no heat or glue is used in the application, tight braids may cause hair to fall out over time. For the first few days after application, clients may feel uncomfortable and even experience headaches. You will need to wash your hair regularly to prevent bacteria from forming throughout the braid.

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